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Hal Elrod "Magic of the Morning". Brian Tracy "Get out of your comfort zone." B. Blumenthal "One Habit Per Week".

Of course, psychological discomfort cannot be measured with a device, and mental pain cannot be reduced with a pill. And this is how psychology differs from the exact sciences or medicine. But you can not pretend to absolute knowledge, but give understanding: yourself, others, loved ones, partners, children and parents. And just for the sake of this it is worth starting to study psychological science.

In addition, there are online magazines, publications, electronic publications, resources with advice from practicing psychologists.

Tablets (the word comes from the Latin Tabulettae) is a solid dosage form that is obtained by pressing powders and granules containing one or more medicinal substances with the possible addition of excipients or obtained by molding special masses. There are the following types of tablets: coated, uncoated, effervescent, divisible, accutane, gastro-resistant, for use in the oral cavity, modified release, and their various variations.

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Coated and uncoated are tablets containing special excipients or obtained using a special technology, thanks to which the rate or place of drug release can be programmed. Divisible - tablets with a diameter of more than 9 mm, having one or two notches (notches), allowing the tablet to be divided into two or four parts and, accordingly, vary the dosage of the drug.

Crushed tablets are tablets for preparing a solution or suspension, which must first be crushed.

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Coated tablets are tablets that are coated with one or more layers of excipients of either natural or synthetic origin, sometimes with the addition of drugs or surfactants to the coating substances. Depending on the composition and method of application, the following types of coating are distinguished: film, coated, pressed.

The differences between these types are determined by the environment in which the coating will dissolve: gastro-loving (dissolve in the stomach) and enteric (dissolve in the intestine).